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I’ve been curious about raw veganism since I became a vegetarian, and while I don’t plan on becoming one full time I want to see what the fuss around a raw vegan diet is about! So I’ve decided to do a 2 week raw vegan diet challenge…

I’ve signed up for the Young and Raw 21 Day Raw Food Reset to use as a guide – the third week of the Reset is a juicing week which I’ll skip, making it a 2 week challenge (me without food? Nuh uh…). Each day the plan includes a juice, smoothie, fruit meal, lunch, optional afternoon smoothie and dinner. It looks like quite a lot of food!

I’ve also talked some friends into doing the challenge with me – Brett from The Pear and the Purple Peach, Kendall (both vegans) as well as Christine (omni). They’ll be chiming in on how they feel and any other updates as well!

brett Brett

Expecting to: lose weight and gain and overall
feeling of cleansing and detox

Going to miss: EVERYTHING! Bread, roasted potatoes…


kendall Kendall

Expecting to: feel great and have heaps of energy and not be dependent on coffee.A flat belly and glowing skin would be a bonus!

Going to miss: Coffee and wine


christine Christine

Expecting to: Feel better in general, less sluggish,
lose a couple of pounds and start eating my fruit and vegies

Going to miss: Carbs and chocolate


jenna Jenna

Expecting to: feel lighter and maybe lose a little bit of weight

Going to miss: just warm food in general since it’s winter, as well as bread, which I’ve been eating way too much of lately




How was your first day? 

Brett: Pretty easy. I felt tired mid way through the day just after lunch but the optional smoothie seemed to pick me up. However I did travel a lot over the long weekend so I was possibly just tired anyway

Kendall: The first day was easy, I wasn’t hungry at all. I had a slight headache but I usually get that if info without coffee

Christine: Very hard, I felt hungry all day and bloated from all the veggies and fruit

Jenna: Quite easy, but I was working from home so the prep won’t always be as easy! I missed a warm meal at dinner, that’s for sure


How did you manage preparing the meals for the day? 

Brett: I did all the prep apart from dinner the night before

Kendall: I prepared the lunch to take to work the night before work and made the juices/smoothies in the morning at home. This isn’t too different from my normal routine so it was pretty easy

Christine: I prepared the smoothies in the morning at home

Jenna: I worked from home today so just made everything as I wanted it – it won’t be that easy for the rest of the week though!


Did you feel hungry throughout the day or did you think it was enough (or too much) food?

Brett: I think it is enough food. I felt hungry just after lunch but I think that was just my mind playing tricks on me

Kendall: I thought it was a good amount of food

Christine: I felt like I was constantly hungry until I had the green protein smoothie in the afternoon which kept me full for a couple of hours

Jenna: I felt satisfied until the afternoon when I got a little hungry, but a protein green smoothie sorted me out!

Keep an eye out for updates over the next two weeks! 

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I'm Jenna and I began my journey to a vegan lifestyle after watching Earthlings in 2010. Before I pressed play on that documentary I had no interest in 'giving up' meat, and yet that day I resolved to never eat it again. After 18 months of vegetarianism I became vegan in 2012 and have loved every minute of my compassionate lifestyle since. The Power Plant is my place to promote what I love - yummy food and cruelty-free products!


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