Vegan nutritionists in Sydney

The day I realised I didn’t want any part in animal suffering is a day I had incredible clarity about my role in the world. Well actually, about a role I didn’t wish to play in this world. It just didn’t feel right to condone so much suffering for the sake of a couple of bits of cheese or a pot of yoghurt.

My decision to be vegan was very clear but what was unclear was how to go about it. Being raised vegetarian I knew and loved most vegan foods but I wanted to make sure my transition to veganism was healthy and sustainable.


Vegan Products on iHerb

Vanja’s picks

1. Beauty Without Cruelty, Eye Make-Up Remover, Extra Gentle


By far the most effective eye makeup remover I have EVER tried! Super gentle on eyes, no greasy residue. Use it to clean up random bits of fake tan too – it’s very powerful. Bye bye waterproof mascara!

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2. Now Foods, Real Food, Certified Organic, Agave Nectar, Amber


This stuff is liquid gold. It tastes very rich, similar to maple syrup, and I love it so much I can eat it out of the bottle. Hey no judging, if you tasted this yourself you would lose yourself too. It’s perfect in tea or in baking, I use it every day.

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3. Deep Steep, Body Wash, Tangerine-Melon


I am totally in love with this body wash. It smells like a tropical holiday, works up to a rich lather and the packaging appeals to my modern-fun-detail-oriented taste. If I wasn’t so addicted to agave nectar this would be my #2 pick for sure.

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4. Vega (Sequel) Naturals, Sport, Protein Bar, Chocolate Coconut, 12 Bars,


The most delicious vegan gluten free bar I have had the pleasure of tasting. Maybe too delicious, I can’t stop at just one. It’s very fudgy, rich, sweet and the coconut flavour ads a gorgeous tropical note to the taste. Add to cart now!

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5. Bob’s Red Mill, Organic Coconut Flour, Gluten Free


I know you can get this in Sydney but I discovered it on iHerb. I mix it with chickpea (besan) flour for yummy flatbreads, the sweet coconut flavour makes my gluten free wraps rather tasty and I absolutely love the texture. Also perfect in pancakes, mmmmmm…

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Roast pumpkin spiced soup recipe vegan gluten free

This roast pumpkin spiced soup recipe is really a way to sneak tofu into our food without my husband noticing. He’s a pumpkin fan and not fond of tofu so I saw this a wonderful opportunity.

This pumpkin soup is also full of vegetable goodness, with spinach and zucchini sneaked in for good measure. I used indian biryani paste as a way to spice things up a little. I’m not a natural in the kitchen so I use spice pastes where possible. There ain’t nothin wrong with a bit of help!

The roast pumpkin gives the soup a wonderful caramel taste. I served this with quinoa chia bread with hummus and olive oil. The garnish is some paprika, pink himalayan rock salt and crushed pistachios. YUM!


Vegan woes: Food intolerance and allergies

food intolerance

If you’re like me and are vegan dealing with a food intolerance (or a few) you’re probably used to experimenting with food. Also you’re also used to being the extra fussy person when you’re out to dinner and in some cases you mostly eat at home.

I find my choices are rather limited at times so I have been working with a nutritionist to make sure I enjoy a variety of nutritious food.