Dalmatian silverbeet with potatoes

Silver beet with potatoes and garlic recipe

In Dalmatia (the coast of Croatia) this tasty silverbeet potato dish is served in restaurants as a side option. My grandparents live in Dalmatia and my mum who grew up there makes this dish all the time. I didn’t actually like it growing up (even when visiting grandma) but when I took my husband to Croatia for the first time a few years ago we kept ordering this with our meals and it was incredible. Maybe it was something about the seaside, the sun and the atmosphere that changed my mind – I can’t get enough of it now. For me this is enough for a meal, it really doesn’t need anything added.


Vegan gluten free bread recipe – buckwheat, millet, chickpea and coconut flour

Vegan gluten free bread recipe

Ever since my favourite gluten free bread brand started adding eggs into their recipe I’ve been thinking about making my own. I’ve been wanting to create something with my favourite flours. This vegan gluten free bread recipe uses buckwheat, millet, chickpea and coconut flour to achieve an airy, flavoursome bread.


Pura Veda vegan bliss ball recipe

Pura Veda bliss ball recipe

This is a light and moist bliss ball using prunes instead of dates. I created the bliss ball recipe from items I had in the kitchen, you could say it was an inspired moment brought along by my (unusual) craving for something sweet. Apart from prunes (and raisins in Pura Veda) there are no other sweeteners so these bliss balls and good for someone who isn’t a huge fan of the sugar hit that dates provide.


Roast pumpkin spiced soup recipe vegan gluten free

This roast pumpkin spiced soup recipe is really a way to sneak tofu into our food without my husband noticing. He’s a pumpkin fan and not fond of tofu so I saw this a wonderful opportunity.

This pumpkin soup is also full of vegetable goodness, with spinach and zucchini sneaked in for good measure. I used indian biryani paste as a way to spice things up a little. I’m not a natural in the kitchen so I use spice pastes where possible. There ain’t nothin wrong with a bit of help!

The roast pumpkin gives the soup a wonderful caramel taste. I served this with quinoa chia bread with hummus and olive oil. The garnish is some paprika, pink himalayan rock salt and crushed pistachios. YUM!