Mustard tofu casserole – vegan gluten free recipe

mustard tofu casserole vegan gluten free recipe

Winter….. not my favourite season of the year but what I do like about it is that I can prepare lovely casseroles and one pot meals.

Growing up in Croatia where winters can be minus 10 degrees Celsius (soooo cold) my mum often made casseroles. I remember her making a delicious mustard casserole with onions and potato (and a protein source that shall remain nameless) and on a cold day like today I just had to recreate it in a vegan version.

This mustard tofu casserole is super easy. Preheat the oven, place a few ingredients in a pot and voila – a hot and moorish meal ready in no time.


Raw gnocchi vegan gluten free recipe

vegan raw gnocchi gluten free recipe

You know when you’re travelling and you’re STARVING and everything around you is meat and bread and milk and you’re about to pass out in malnourished agony, and your friend takes you to a vegan restaurant? That’s the feeling I had when I entered Nishta restaurant in Zagreb and took a gander at the menu. There I tried a sensational raw gnocchi which I recreated as soon as I got back home. +

Luleki with raw cheesy garlic sauce vegan gluten free

Luleki with raw cheesy garlic sauce vegan gluten free

It’s my birthday today and since I’m not a sweet tooth I didn’t really want cake. All I wanted was a plate of my late Nonna’s luleki.

Luleki are basically gnocchi that are rolled into oblong shapes and panfried (instead of roundish shape and boiled in salt water). The dough is exactly the same as gnocchi but the panfrying gives them a naughty comfort food quality. These luleki are vegan and gluten free.