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Ballet Beautiful is a workout program developed by Mary Helen Bowers, the ballerina who trained Natalie Portman for her role in the Black Swan. The Ballet Beautiful DVD set has all the right moves to help you achieve tight, sculpted, ballerina muscles.

I have always loved ballet and I have only recently started dancing it again, with adult classes at the Sydney Dance Company Studios. I was amazed at how even at the absolute beginner level I didn’t have the right type of strength. When I heard that Natalie Portman achieved her ballerina strength through Ballet Beautiful, I knew straight away I had to try this out for myself.


Ballet Beautiful review


I bought the Ballet Beautiful International DVD (US $29.95) set from the Ballet Beautiful website. The DVDs arrived in a week which was quicker than expected. I started with the Classic 60 minute workout and I have to say it kicked my butt. I have a strong core, I can hold a plank for over 4 minutes, and yet my body was struggling during the workout.

I groaned through the Bridge Series (helllooooouuu glutes), found my strength in the Ab Series, cursed through the Inner thigh, Outer thigh workouts, rather enjoyed the Arm series and then totally died in the Standing series. In summary – this DVD killed me, and very quickly identified the areas which I need the most work on. I’m actually excited to keep this going, so that I can strengthen the weak areas.

Ballet Beautiful DVD

The excellent thing about Ballet Beautiful DVDs is that you don’t need any ballet training. There are no plies, arabesques, or any ballet dance moves per se. It is purely a toning, strengthening and conditioning workout that Mary Helen designed so that she can keep herself in shape. You only need a yoga mat, a bottle of water and an hour of your time.

I’ll be doing these DVDs 3 times a week, and on top of my dancing I think that will be enough to start seeing results soon.

And once I’m looking trim and supple I will order a custom leotard from Yumiko just like Mary Helen wears in the DVDs. New long term goal! 🙂

Vanja xx

p.s. Mary Helen also offers live streaming classes via her website!

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