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I love Mari Winsor’s creative approach to Pilates and this DVD set is no exception. The Winsor Slimming Pilates DVD set contains 5 DVDs, a clever ‘accelerator’ stick, a resistance cord, long bar and hand weights. If you’re looking for a quick yet challenging pilates at home workout then this is for you.


The major difference to this DVD set is the accelerator kit. You can combine these items in multiple ways to get the most impact from your workout.

One thing that is rather challenging is that Mari doesn’t tell you what combination of items you need before each workout. I have to start the DVD, pause it, look at what the models are using, put my tool together and then restart the DVD.


Mari Winsor slimming pilates

That gets quite tiresome and annoying after a while, because it’ distracting form the workout. Especially when there are so many ways to connect the tool.


accelerator-cord-handles-lg  accelerator-cord-handles-door-lg




Once you set up the accelerator tool it really is a nifty little gadget. I found that it has helped me with my form, challenged my balance and added light resistance to my workouts.



The workouts are fast pace, engaging and Mari is there t motivate you the entire way. If you need a Pilates program, her 30 day calendar will tell you which workout to do when.

The workouts include:

Workout 1: SuperFast BODY BLAST

SuperFast Body Blast is a fast and fun program that chisels your body slim in just 20 minutes a day! Burn more fat and calories than ever before by combining the best body- sculpting moves with powerful, easy-to-follow footwork. Add the dynamic resistance of The AcceleratorTM and melt away extra pounds and inches in no time.

Workout 2: Cardio SCULPT

Cardio Sculpt delivers the strength conditioning effects Pilates is known for, as well as heart rate boosting, calorie-burning cardiovascular work.

Workout 3: BURN & FIRM Pilates

Burn & Firm Pilates provides super-fast sculpting moves that focus on two common problem areas with two distinct workouts:

– Booty Lift for the lower body, including buns, hips and thighs

– Sexy, Sculpted Arms for the upper body, including shoulders, arms and back.

Workout 4: ABsession

ABsession is a workout that brings cardio and Pilates together to get bikini-ready abs once and for all. ABsession is a grea workout for the core, regardless of fitness level.

BONUS: Learn The Moves Tutorial – I highly recommend you watch this first



I use Mari Winsor Slimming Pilates DVD when I want to get a nice stretch at home, and to strengthen my core. This program is a supplement to my gym based resistance routine, I don’t rely on it for my sole source of exercise. It is a lovely addition to what I am already doing, and I prefer doing this to going to Pilates class at the gym. When I was competing (I dance) I used this to tone up, get more flexibility and strengthen my core.

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